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SONNY D | Space God Music Video

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Sonny D - Space God Music Video & EP

(Directed by Robert Albion Zeigler)

I recently teamed up with hip-hop artist and close friend Sonny D aka Dude Reppin Knowhere to shoot his new Music video SpaceGod for his upcoming EP SpaceGod. I had the pleasure of being able to have creative control for the project and were able to collaborate our visions for a one of a kind style of video to match to mood of the song perfectly.

As far as equipment for this project, I used my Sony A7RII and DJI Mavic Pro and I love how everything came out. The Mavic Pro allowed us to get camera angles and perspectives on the frozen lake and on top of the roof a 3 story house that would have been otherwise very difficult. I highly recommend adding the DJI Mavic Pro to your camera bag.

Directed, shot, & edited: Robert Albion Zeigler

Video shot on: Sony A7RII & Mavic Pro

Location: Morristown, NJ

Song written & produced: Sonny D


Space God is also the title of his EP coming out this summer and we ended up using one of the shots from the frozen lake scene as the album cover. SPACEGOD EP landing this Summer. Below is the official cover of the SpaceGod CD cover.

Sonny D and myself have other projects coming up in the near future so make sure you stay tuned.

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