New Video | Empty Streets of Chinatown

Like most people around the world, Covid-19 has changed our lives and the world as we know it. As of now, New York City has been hit the worst and it continues in that direction with the number of confirmed cases and number of deaths growing by the hour. That does not include the amount of mild cases that are not being tested out of respect and concern for the really bad cases.

Being a photographer and filmmaker in the epicenter of the virus I have been going out in small amounts to document this historical event. I love my life and make to sure wear a mask and gloves, and I also feel like I have a strange responsibility to make sure the world knows how New York City is being hit.

Here is a short video of Chinatown in Manhattan, NY. The streets were so empty and almost every business was closed.

I will be releasing a my first Vlog this week about how life really is living in New York City during a state of emergency and worldwide pandemic.

I hope everyone stays safe and stays healthy.

Video shot and edited by Robert Albion Zeigler

Video shot on GoPro Hero8

Questions and inquiries email

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