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One Sunday when we were both available Levitation artist/former bboy Juni Gutierez 

and I linked up for a shoot in Queens, NY.  We started at a parking garage that has some cool spiral car incline and rooftop.  Then we hit up the Flushing Meadows Park. (If you have ever seen the movie Men in Black, the scene where the hid the UFOs.  That's the park.)

Well the collab was killer and we had a lot of fun.  Love being able to create awesome visuals with awesome people.  I have a good feeling you can expect to see more work from us in the future.  Below are some of my favorites from the set.

Tip to photographers:

Make sure you use a fast shutter speed.  All these photos had a minimum of 1/400 shutter speed.  Remember to shoot low angles.  This will help give the illusion that your subject is higher that they are. 

Photos by:  Robert Albion Zeigler

All photos shot on Sony A7RII

Here is a link to. Juni's Instagram. Make sure you check out more of his work and follow him.