It's always a blast being able to create with talented people and I recently had the pleasure of being able to team up with Serena Jung for a fun halloween collabo. She did an amazing job and brought incredible energy to the shoot.

We decided to go with a spooky, sexy, cinematic style and chose a grave yard in Queens for the location. Props to Serena and anyone who is down to shoot in a graveyard. This particular graveyard was chosen because of the size, beauty, and had a really rad downtown Manhattan skyline view. The location gave the perfect setting.

Even though we showed up and only had 5 minutes to shoot on the property before they closed the gates (always double check the times that properties are open if you are shooting there) we got some awesome shots inside before we moved to the exterior of the property where the walls had a really aged rock wall.

After that we switch it up a little bit. We decided to keep the outfit dark and wanted to go more of a dark urban angel look. We wanted to to use colorful street art for contrast, and color, and smoke to give us the feels we wanted.

I love how everything came out and here are some of my favorite shots from the shoot.