Life is beautiful because you never know who you will meet or how or where.

The model in this photo shoot and I were introduced by our dads. Pretty rad huh? Our dads are pretty rad too haha but seriously they are.

Alexa and I have been able to collab on a few different style shoots and they all come out great. I truly believe when it comes to art you will get the best results when there is no money involved. Just two or more artists exchanging time, energy, and creativity for the sake of creating art.

This halloween we wanted go with a medieval timesish, enchanted, princess style look with an authentic medieval style setting . We chose a location called The Cloisters. The Cloisters is a museum in Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights, Upper Manhattan, New York City; but we were not there to see the museum. The grounds are beautiful. Very well maintained with walking paths and views of the Hudson River. You would have no idea you were still in New York City.

*Tip to photographers and models: Make sure you do not start near the museum. Take a walk down the paths and you will find plenty of places to shoot then you can work to the front near the parking lot and minimize your chances of getting shut down. You are required to have photo permits to shoot there and found out when we finished at the main building*

This shoot was with my Sony A7RII. I am so happy I joined the Sony Alpha family and have been so satisfied with the results.

Alexa is a total pro and killed it as always. Here are some of the shots from this set.

All Photo Taken By: Robert Albion Zeigler

Impromptu look down shot.