It is safe to say that I enjoy using smoke for effect and mood in my photography and video so I decided to try something new this year for a Halloween shoot.

Carved a pumpkin with a spooky face to use as the partial subject in the photos. The plan was to drop a smoke grenade in the opening at the top and have my beautiful and talented wife hold and walk with the smoking pumpkin.

I was stoked with how everything came out and always a fun time creating with my wife. Below are some of the photos from the shoot.

Quote possibly the funniest thing we heard that day was during the shoot when a gentlemen walking by with a Polish accent asked , "Is that my wife? Nope looks like some other witch". It was pretty a good one.

All photos by: Robert Albion Zeigler

All photos taken Sony A7RII

Robert Albion Zeigler



Website: RobertAlbionZeigler.Com

In frame: Barbora Zeigler and Pumpkin